Washington Place Little Italy is a modern, upscale hotel business that’s passionate about “making moments.” We recognize that even the smallest of gestures make a difference to our employees, clients, and guests.

Our hotel business does ordinary things in unique ways – this philosophy has defined our business from its humble beginnings.

We’re a world-class company with a hospitality and restaurant heritage dating back several years ago. Our approach to service is warm, consistent, personal, intuitive, and uniquely Washington Place. This allows our hotel business to stand out from the rest.

At Washington Place, we’ve embraced technology and innovation to meet our guests’ ever-changing needs. We’ve also continued to celebrate our legacy of rich culinary. As a result, we’ve set trends without compromising our brand authenticity and service quality.

We’ve set our eyes on growing our footprint to become an international company. Our brand takes a responsible, sustainable approach to protect the environment and giving back to local communities.

Washington Place Little Italy is a world-class, reputable upscale hotel business. Founded over three decades ago, the hospitality business has grown and expanded to different locations across the nation.

We boast over 400 rooms in over 5 locations, traversing different towns, cities, states, and counties. We plan to further expand our hotel business across countries and continents to meet our goals and targets.

With a workforce of over 1000 hospitality professionals, we’ve trained our workers to ensure that our traditional values and business culture are upheld at all times. This ensures that we receive and accommodate over a million guests on a yearly basis.

Since the conception of our brand, our inspired thinking has always defined our story. We play a critical role in the American hotel and restaurant business. We’ve introduced and defined the modern yet timeless hospitality style.

According to our founder, it takes integrity, transparency, and simple processes to run a successful hotel business. We do normal things in extraordinary ways to achieve our business goals and thus success.

This defined the beginning of our unmatched success story, a brand synonymous with hospitality and culinary excellence for over three decades.

Our brand signature defines our service offerings in the hospitality industry. It also encapsulates our passion for innovation and gastronomy.

With a focus on technology aimed at boosting convenience and culinary experiences, we ensure that guests have access to available hotel and restaurant services. We also deliver on our mission and vision to achieve our set goals.

Washington Place has become a successful hotel brand that has managed to differentiate itself in just 10 years.

We’re a reputable and far-reaching hotel business. We have a strong team of clients and sales professionals working with the company. And, with a consolidated network, we have increased our experienced contacts.

We pride in the quality of our services and the ability to offer our guests everything they need when a need arises to satisfy them. Our team is committed to customer success because it directly determines the success of our business.

With the efforts put in place, we’ve been able to boost our sales up to millions of dollars in value. We’re a relationship-driven hotel, explaining the essence of developing good relationships with customers. This is one of the secrets behind our business success.

The most important Washington Place asset is our reputation. We offer the following with every room and food service:

  • Limited services
  • Small and large properties
  • Budget
  • Full service
  • Luxury

We’ve set the hotel industry’s benchmark to focus on aggression, professionalism, honesty, and transparency. With multiple years of combined transactional and hospitality experience, we offer unmatched hotel services.

Washington Place Little Italy is always polishing and perfecting its reputation to become a leading American hotel.

We also offer exceptional customer service to our guests whenever they arrive and stay with us. We encourage them to leave at least one feedback in our suggestion box to help improve our services.

We’re your one-stop-shop for accommodation and hotel, including food services. Visit our website to learn more about our business and make your booking today.

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