5 Characteristics of a Good Hotel

The hospitality industry, which consists of hotels, has witnessed growing popularity and attention trend over recent years. According to the United Nations, the World Tourism Organization, the hotel industry market increased by 6%. It reached 1.4b travelers in 2018, which increased by another 4% over the first half of 2019. However, this growing trend of popularity has increased the level of competition in the hospitality industry. It has likewise improved the quality of service in hotels, in the pursuit of each hotel to gain the highest and most prominent occupancy in the industry.

Despite this service quality increase, outstanding attributes distinguish the excellent hotels from the mediocre ones. In a hotel where these qualities are sufficiently present, travelers from far and wide won’t mind visiting the hotel either for a vacation tour, dinner party, or a private meeting where they look forward to enjoying such a hotel’s rich qualities. Below are some of these distinctive features that characterize an excellent hotel.

1.  Location of the Hotel

The first attribute you’ve to consider for the ideal hotel of your choice is the hotel’s location. Is the hotel located in a nearby area? It’s always best to opt for a nearby hotel to save you the extra efforts and resources for transportation to the hotel. Depending on the city’s geographical structure, the best place for a hotel’s location is the city’s center to allow visitors have a top-notch experience and witness the city’s events and happenings.

Areas less prone to armed robbery, stealing, and thuggery, with a more significant privacy level, is also advisable for an excellent hotel to ensure maximum security of the guests’ lives and properties. And in unavoidable situations, a good hotel situated in a danger prone area would likely order a registered Glock from www.minutemanreview.com. to ward off criminals. Apart from being located in peaceful places, you can also find excellent hotels in scenic environments such as a beach, park, or seaside, allowing visitors to explore the stunning visuals of mother nature.

2.  Quality Customer Service

From the moment you step in an hotel till your last day in your allocated room, the hotel staff would largely determine the quality of your experience. Lousy customer service can lead to a bad experience and vice versa. One of the significant characteristics of an excellent hotel is the presence of a diligent, polite, and an ever-ready army of staff consciously prepared to make your visit to the hotel worthwhile and memorable. Service is one of the hospitality industry’s main features, and as such, a good hotel should ensure quality service to all.

The standard hotel employees are mostly trained with ethical and renowned world-class standards to serve their guests innovatively and consciously with customer satisfaction as their priority. Excellent hotel staff aren’t in for the gains only; they’re ready to give you the best that you deserve without any iota of repulsiveness. Often, the guests in a hotel can be pesky, but the excellent hotel staff has gotten trained to provide suitable and polite answers to guests’ questions and relate with them with the highest degree of courteousness. Excellent customer service marks a superb hotel.

3.  Comfortable and Well Equipped Rooms

What’s a good hotel without a standard room? After all, guests will likely spend a large percentage of their overall stay period in their hotel rooms. Thus, the hotel rooms are indeed worthy of the keenest attention as indicators of a good hotel. A typical standard hotel room should contain a very comfortable and beautifully decorated bed with soft pillows to allow maximum comfort during sleep. Items such as a coffee maker, cable TV, hairdryer, etc., should also be present in a standard hotel room. And many excellent hotels also provide laundry services for their guests. 

4.  Clean and Tidy Environment

A clean, tidy, and neatly decorated environment marked with eye-captivating decorations that’ll catch guests’ attention and keep them engaged with the awesome physicals; such is the typical environment of a good hotel. Besides, the hotel’s internal parts like the clean rooms, washrooms, and public rooms are always clean to prevent a breeding ground for microorganisms and germ germs, leading to contact of infection, and diseases by guests. A good hotel remarkably values the health of its guests and won’t therefore tolerate dirty and untidy environment which can lead to guests’ health deterioration.

5.  Free Internet Access

Technology in this 21st century has significantly developed, and the hospitality industry must not be out of this revolutionized technology age. Good hotels give their guests access to free or very affordable internet WiFi to ensure they stay connected to the digital world. For example, some guests might have virtual meetings to attend during their stay at hotels. The presence of this seamless internet access would, therefore, make such meetings go easily and smoothly.


Regardless of how good an hotel is, hotels are the best places you can visit for your summer camp or for fun as they’re always at your service to give you the best experience throughout your stay. Visit the Washington Place Little Italy today, and you’d be glad you did.